The Stroopwafel

Enjoy Stroopwafels with a warm cup of coffee

The Stroopwafel – or “syrup waffle” – is a traditional Dutch cookie originating from Gouda in the Netherlands. No one is certain when people began baking them; one story dates the first stroopwafel in 1784. A baker made cookies out of crumbs from his left over baked goods and put the warm syrup between the cookies. The first known recipe for Stroopwafels dates back to 1840.

Traditionally, Stroopwafels are placed on your coffee cup to heat them through. The steam from the coffee heats and warms the caramel in the center. But don’t keep it on for too long, for you will find that your Stroopwafel has collapsed in your cup, making for a very sweet cup of coffee or tea!! Placing the Stroopwafel in the microwave for 15 seconds also works great to heat the caramel center, or you can enjoy the cookies just as the are for a tasty treat!

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